An ancient stone: tuff

Make your dreams hard as stone, so that reality can not destroy them...

For over 50 years Liccarblock s.r.l. manufactures products through the processing of an ancient stone: tuff. From the Latin tuphos, is a pyroclastic sedimentary rock of gray, yellowish, greenish or brown color, formed as the result of cementing of volcanic materials, lava, ashes and sand, or debris resulting from the decomposition of volcanic lava. Its geophysical origins date back to at least one million years ago, to an age when the Italian peninsula had just emerged from the waters. Volcanic chains of the southern side constantly erupted hot lava, accompanied by ashes and lapilli. The embers falling down the sides of volcanoes runned down through natural engravings, to be deposited in natural depressions where, compacting under its own weight, gave rise to volcanic tuff used in construction. Over time, its use was extended to the creation of design objects, furniture and sculptures.

The processing of this stone, characterized by malleability and resistance, allows the development of compact and original shapes. Liccarblock s.r.l. offers a wide range of artistic and decorative possibilities, solutions for indoor and outdoor facilities, aimed at an original application of masonry.

Among projects made in tuff: fireplaces, barbecues, furniture, objects, sculptures, statues, bas-reliefs, fountains, pedestals for elegant tables, decorative mosaics.

In the large showroom you can experience the various solutions made with the noble tuff stone, which has the ability to convey sensations of solidity, strength and naturalness at the same time. Visiting our rooms will allow you to appreciate the different manufactures, works and artifacts, the result of the creative skill and experience of our staff, made of efficient professionals that support every need through their technical operations.