A company with a long tradition

«Thanks to our long experience we can find a solution for every need. From product supply to design, from transport to installation, we offer the customer a 360 degree service»

The production site covers an area of 130000mq, close to the main roads, with large and modern spaces intended for laboratories and offices.



Liccarblock, a company with a long tradition in Campania in stone extraction and processing, founded in 1890, placed itself on the market with the activity of extraction and processing of a volcanic stone typical of Campania: tuff, used historically in the building industry. The original company, founded by the great grandfather Mauro, started from manual extraction, which lasted until the '70s, made by expert craftsmen, who detached the big ridges of tuff rock using only picks and wedges. The extraction and processing techniques evolved in the years following the progressive developments of technology with the introduction of mechanization and thanks to the willingness of the next generation that continued the activities with Marco Evangelista Liccardo, son of Mauro.



In 1990, marble working and recycling of inert materials were added to to the historic mining activity. This was the result of the initiative and resourcefulness of the group of young Liccardo who, in full respect of family history, thought and still think to the present day to the future of the company.



Since then ongoing investment, not only in ideas but also in equipment and machinery, tend to raise all standards, launching today on the market with a level of products and services placed on a constantly evolving medium-high range. The six Liccardo brothers are now engaged in the management of the two family companies: Liccarblock s.a.s e Liccarblock s.r.l.. The second, that deals in the processing of marble and stone, both natural and reconstituted, has achieved important goals through the use of high technology equipment, as well as the coordination of a series of services designed to meet the diversified demands of the contemporary market. Says Vittorio Liccardo, director and manager of this business segment, "Our work can not be improvised!". He adds: "only thanks to our long experience in this field we can find a solution for every need. From product supply to design, from transport to installation, we offer to the customer a 360 degree service."